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Fire Doors

Putting safety first. Fire resistant timber, certified by ISO with tamper-evident labels and BMTRADA Fire Door plug fitted to the doors.

Interior doors

Doors designed with style in mind. Flush doors with grooves or inlays, with a wide palette of colour and grain options. Pure simplicity in design.

Hospital Doors

Hospital doors are speciality doors that are asymmetric in size. They reduce blockage of pathways, such as navigating hospitals with beds and wheelchairs. Typically made with a large door width accompanied by a smaller width door.

Project News

Previous projects and design news. Need inspiration? Look to our previous customers!

Technical Data

Specifications and Data explain the benefits of a specific door type and clear up any questions and concerns over you may have over your project


Understand the rating and certification of your door with our approved certified doors.

E & S W Knowles has turned 95!

Your local timber merchants is a family business. It has been handed down through the generations in the Knowles family and has continuously developed, to suit the needs of the construction industry. Including the addition of ‘forest friendly’ timber in our FSC products.

With an extensive factory, top of the range machinery and an army of skilled staff, E & S W Knowles can accommodate all of your skirting and architrave needs.

Do you need something bespoke? You can email our sales team at sales@eswknowles.co.uk who’re available to help.

Suppliers of Timber Products since 1923

For any questions or enquiries, email or call our sales team who will be happy to help.

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