Office Transformation using Walnut Veneer

Office Transformation using Walnut Veneer

American Walnut Door Frames

Office Transformation using Walnut Veneer

Have a look at this project we put together for a customer last year, this project was made using Walnut Veneered MDF, to create the required bespoke design for the customer.

As a manufacturer of bespoke door sets for the public and private sectors, we constantly strive for ways to improve the efficiency and product quality whilst reducing the environmental impact, of both our own and our customers’ operations.

In 2017 we were contacted by a customer looking for a full office model around Walnut veneered products. With products specifics to a minimum, our technical advisors were able to create a bespoke design for the customer. We identified an opportunity to emphasise the design of the window frames, by developing an alternative to oak framing by using MDF veneered Walnut to align the style with the needs and budget of the customer.

A relatively simple idea for a large project could save a lot of money in project budgets.

By Percy Macquoid, R.I. (Lawrence and Bullen. .R2 2s.)—Walnut was used for furniture in the early part of the seventeenth century, and even before, but only occasionally. After the Restoration it became more frequent; the tree was extensively cultivated,— it had, it may be remembered, another use in the construction of the stocks of firearms. This sumptuous volume, with its copious illustrations, coloured and plain, tells the story of its employment.

Door Reference 

If you’d like to replicate this door set reference; Single American Walnut crown cut, Fire Rated to FD30 with a frame to suit a partition system, without architrave.

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