Antibacterial Coated Doors & Joinery

Antibacterial Coated Doors & Joinery

Antibacterial Coated Doors & Joinery

Antibacterial Coated Doors & Joinery

With hygiene and cleanliness, being at the forefront of everybody’s minds – it’s more important than ever to find effective ways to reduce the spread of germs. E & S W Knowles are delighted to announce the launch of our anti-bacterial coating option for our doors and joinery which inhibits 99.99% of germs on contact. 

Germ Control

With Coronavirus and other infections putting industries on high alert, germ control plays a top priority for all businesses and households. 

The spread of bacteria and germs are easily done when people speak, touch, sneeze, and cough. The disease is carried through droplets, landing on commonly interacted surfaces such as doors, tables, and desks. The number of bacteria in a room can multiply, in minutes! Although we take extra precaution to regularly clean and disinfect areas, bacteria will accumulate and can quickly grow to harmful levels.

Take a minute to consider the number of people that use your office entrance door daily. The answer is shocking! How many of those people can you guarantee have washed their hands? 

Unfortunately, not everyone will comply with safety precautions enforced, increasing the risk of cross-contamination for those using the same doors.

Doors and handles are just two prime examples of frequently used objects that can significantly lead to the transmission of germs. Environments such as offices, hospitals, and hotels have increased threat of infection, due to their sensitive environment. Therefore, enforcing anti-bacterial coatings will help reduce the threat of cross-contamination and provide added protection. 

Free antibacterial finish on all our doors and joinery

Since December 1st, E & S W Knowles have enforced antibacterial coatings for all doors and joinery at no additional cost. Our antibacterial door coatings are available on any door from our door set range including our bespoke door finishes and glazing apertures. 

How does it work?

The anti-bacterial coating contains a sanitizer function featuring silver ions which attack the germ DNA so it is unable to replicate, proving 99.9% effective against the growth of bacteria. 

Our antibacterial finish is applied to our door sets and joinery, at our factory in Birmingham. Once applied, the coating appears completely transparent. Therefore, it has no adverse effect on the finished door aesthetics making it the perfect component for any application or setting. 

Contact us for more information

Wish to know more about our antibacterial coatings or door range?  Our sales team are always on hand to help with any information you may require. Please contact our sales team on 0121 356 7046 or complete our contact form

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