Bright and White Internal Doors

White & Bright Internal Doors

Primed Doors are one of our most highly requested door finishes here at E & S W Knowles. While internal door trends continue to change varying in an array of contemporary colours and stains, our primed doors are highly favoured due to their modern and simplistic design. Timeless design The beauty of primed doors is […]

Rebated Skirting Explained

Rebated Skirting in the Household

What is rebated skirting? Rebated skirting, is a term used for skirting with a rebate cut out.  A section is removed from the back of the skirting board, to create a hidden inlay. Rebated skirting is used in a range of applications including homes and offices, commonly chosen to hide unsightly cables and electrical fixtures. Improve […]

Painting Primed Skirting

How to Paint your skirting

A splash of paint can do wonders for a room, it can add light or even fresh approach to the place. When we speak about painting the first thing that comes to mind is Walls, but have you ever considered painting your skirting boards? They are often an unappreciated accessory to your home but they […]

The Possibilities of White Paint Grade

Paint Grade Door used in Office

Our White Paint Grade doors are a popular choice for renovations and building design developments. Our standard white paint grade doors are best suited to indoor living, however, we have options to create external paint grade if that’s what you’re after. E & SW Knowles Manufacture fire, sound and smoke doors ranging from NFR, right […]

The beauty of Dark Walnut Style Laminate

Dark American Walnut in Office

Walnut is a striking grain. Offering a stylish design without a classic colouring, naturally.   This door was styled around a working office with several of the same style fitted in glass partitioning systems along with walnut architrave to suit. But It’s always good to see other examples so here we’ve placed this classic walnut door […]

Traditional or Modern Oak Inspiration

Traditional or Modern Oak Inspiration

If you have your heart set on an oak door – but it’s not quite right for your modern styling. We have an extensive method of styling the doors, this enables us to provide you with a completely unique door for your project needs. Ask for Oak and see what we can do for you. […]

Walnut Office Renovation

Walnut Office Set Up

Love the look of Walnut? Have a look at this project we put together for a customer in February, this project consisted of four, single Walnut Veneered MDF Doors at 3000mm high. The project also has a hospital door set, complete with vision panel and matching beading, with all edges concealed, to create the required […]

Office makeover with Oak Veneered Doors

This stunning office design is created using White Oak faced doors. The customer has chosen to include 3 vision panels in their FSC Oak Doors to help brighten the office. As per requirements, we panelled the doors with clear laminated glass. As a manufacturer of bespoke door sets for the public and private sectors, we constantly […]

Office Transformation using Walnut Veneer

American Walnut Door Frames

Have a look at this project we put together for a customer last year, this project was made using Walnut Veneered MDF, to create the required bespoke design for the customer. As a manufacturer of bespoke door sets for the public and private sectors, we constantly strive for ways to improve the efficiency and product quality […]