The beauty of Dark Walnut Style Laminate

The beauty of Dark Walnut Style Laminate

Dark American Walnut in Office

The beauty of Dark Walnut Style Laminate

Walnut is a striking grain. Offering a stylish design without a classic colouring, naturally.


This door was styled around a working office with several of the same style fitted in glass partitioning systems along with walnut architrave to suit.

But It’s always good to see other examples so here we’ve placed this classic walnut door in a renovated kitchen, complete with deep brown cupboards and units. We have created these doors and coverings with walnut veneer and have lipped all edges to give a sleek design.

Need some inspiration? – Have a look at this kitchen or any of our previous walnut projects for customers earlier this year.

The parameters were that they wanted to enable the style of traditional walnut grain, without vision panels or any inlays. Simple and classic is the style that came through on this project, really emphasising the grain.

This door offered a completely unique and complementary spin on the classic and tied in well with his modern style.

If you’d like to replicate this door ask for; A Single Walnut Veneered Door, this can be made in NFR, FD30 and FD60.

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