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Door Reference Guide


  • Single leaf (Single Door).
  • Double equal leaves.
  • Double unequal leaves (Hospital Door Set).
  • Single leaf & over panel (Panel Above Door)
  • Double Door with over panel
  • Double (Hospital Door Set) and over panel
  • Single leaf & glazed fan light
  • Double Door with glazed fan light
  • Double unequal leaves (Hospital Door Set) glazed fan light


Specifying what the door is made of internally. Each core has varying properties and is tested in various ways depending on where the door will be placed and the requirements it must meet, please be aware that new regulations will stipulate door requirements for new builds and renovations. Weight nominal 27KG/m2 Average weight of a 1981 x 838 x 44m door is 45KG. Weight nominal 35KG/m2 Average weight of a 1981 x 838 x 54m door is 58KG.

Door cores will vary for project requirements as we have an expansive suppliers list to suit all requirements.

Specifying what the edges of the door are covered or not covered with, normally edges will be covered on each side of the door (the width) as the cores will show upon opening. Covering these sides is typically called ‘C2LE’ concealed 2 long edges. All sides being covered would be called CL4E. made of internally. Concealed/exposed near match timber hardwood lipping to all four edges before/after applying face finish.

6mm to 8mm concealed lippings to 2 long edges is as standard. Lipped 4 edges and contrasting lippings for DDA Doors are available on request.


Face finish is the external look of the door, making an oak-looking door out of fire-rated materials is ‘facing’ a door with an oak finish this can be done with different products for different styles. Veneer is real-wood material and provides a great look with minimal cost and weight involved. Laminates are very stylish and more versatile way of creating a truly unique door. (see Veneers and laminates for more choice)

Wood veneer
Species in stock; Oak, Ash, Maple, Sapele, Beech, Koto. If you’re looking for a different veneer face, please ask, lead times may vary. We also can paper face internal doors.
Veneer cut: Crown cut / Quarter cut / Others to be ordered on request.
Veneer lay on matching: Book match / Best Match / Quarter match / Other
Veneer grain direction: Vertical / Horizontal / Other
Sequential match of veneer feature of adjacent doors is also available.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)
A versatile, robust and hygienic surface, Laminates are waterproof as standard, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and rooms with varying temperatures. HPL’s are also rated highly for resistance to external stress (abrasion, impacts, stains…) Silver ion-treated, antibacterial Sanitized® grade can also be supplied on demand.

Standard Laminates to conform to EN 438 & ISO 4586.

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We recommend including any references you may require; Door References can be found at https://www.knowlesdoors.co.uk/door-reference-guide/ It includes; Core type, Lippings, Door Finish, Vision panels, Seals and any additionals you may require.

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