E.&S.W. Knowles Launches NEW 2022 Brochure

E.&S.W. Knowles Launches NEW 2022 Brochure

E.&S.W. Knowles Launches NEW 2022 Brochure

At E.&S.W Knowles & Co. Ltd, we are excited to announce our new internal doorset solution & joinery brochure.

The brochure design demonstrates our in-house manufacturing capability specialising in fire-rated, acoustic and PAS 24 security doors.  Our bespoke solutions include the door leaf, frame, glazing, architrave and all the operating hardware, supplied as a complete integrated doorset.

The 26-page brochure, is full of real-life applicational imagery, bringing our vision and capabilities to life. It highlights the sectors we supply to such as Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Commercial and Social Housing.

Commenting on the new brochure, E.& S.W Knowles Digital Marketing Manager, Reena Munir said, ‘’We’re really pleased to launch this brochure and showcase what we can offer as a door manufacturer. The brochure encompasses our rich heritage and our continuous pledge to serve the industry we operate in. Compliance & making it simple in our industry is key, with this in mind we provide fire doorset solutions to suit all sectors. We’re delighted with the response we’ve had so far’’

Download our brochure today and get in touch with us on 0121-356-7046 or email sales@eswknowles.co.uk

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