FSC Timber Products with Knowles

FSC Timber Products with Knowles

FSC Timber Products with E & S W Knowles

FSC Timber Products with Knowles

The FSC, which stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, is a well renowned international organization that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Displaying the FSC’s logo shows that our products, including our skirting, architrave, window boards and door frames are certified by the FSC.

By displaying this logo we are trying to give you, the customer, confidence that you can purchase our products knowing that we are doing what we can to help keep our forests safe and alive for the future.

Here are 10 reasons to buy our FSC products:

1) You can buy wood or forest products showing the FSC Timber logo with a clear conscience.

2) Trees from FSC managed forests are always replaced or allowed to grow back naturally once harvested.

3) Some areas of forests will be completely protected to ensure the survival of rare animals and plants. (we’re vegan-friendly)

4) The FSC is supported by WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust.

5) Indigenous people have rights to protect sacred forest sites. FSC labels these sites as being exempt from tree felling and respects these people’s beliefs.

6) The FSC’s success will mean that future generations can enjoy the world’s forest for years to come

7) The owners of FSC managed forests are obliged to employ local workers and provide them with adequate training, safety equipment, and reasonable salaries

8) The FSC is an initiative that provides good conditions for people whose lives depend on the forest

9) The FSC tracks its wood after it leaves the forest, meaning they know that it is being sold by accredited organizations.

10) Not just timber can be FSC certified, anything that comes from the forest has a right to carry the FSC logo. Everyday items like books and tissues can carry the FSC logo.

We take pride in being connected to the FSC and we hope that you, our customers do as well. When buying other forest products as well as timber, we would encourage you to look out for the FSC Timber logo on your products and do your part in protecting the world’s forests.

Find out more about the FSC on their website: www.fsc-uk.org

Shop our full range of products here: www.knowlesskirting.co.uk & www.knowlesdoors.co.uk

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