A Guide to Acoustic Doors

A Guide to Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors with Vision Panel Design

A Guide to Acoustic Doors

What is an acoustic door?

An Acoustic Doors sole purpose is to prevent noise escaping. Designed to accommodate a variety of applications and acoustic requirements. Just as its name implies an acoustic door controls the acoustics of its chosen area through the use of its core properties.

Where are acoustic doors used?

You will be surprised at just how many acoustic doors are used within the day to day life. They appear in your residential buildings, schools, your office and even your hospitals. They often go unseen as to the eye they don’t have any unique indifference to that of an original solid core door.

Over the last few years, the demand for acoustic doors has risen due to population density and living conditions. We know find that we are seeking out guidance with our building design structure to make sure the issues of security and privacy are guaranteed.

Why use an acoustic door?

As the sole purpose of an acoustic door is to prevent noise escaping, acoustic doors are used to control the acoustics of its environment.

As a manufacturer of Bespoke Doors, we are able to construct acoustics doors to withstand a certain specific level of decibel leakage and block much of the required noise from escaping, creating a great aid for creating privacy and security. Although not regulated private buildings are expected to address reasonable noise transmission within its compound. Reducing noise in a concealed area, providing security and privacy, concludes to only one thing – a happy environment.

Can an acoustic door be fire rated?

Yes, they can be! Here at E&SW Knowles, our Acoustic doors are Fire doors as standard. Specially developed as a high-performance door’s using a specific core to suit both fire and sound specifications. Suitable for Single & Double Leaf applications in single or double swing configurations.

Suitable as a highly effective door core for fire performances up to FD60 or to provide for sound attenuating performances.

Can I customise my acoustic door to match its location?

With our great network of suppliers, we are able to craft productions suited to its chosen décor through finishing options and ironmongery. The possibilities are endless! Please contact one of our sales team at sales@eswknowles.co.uk on how we can help you design your perfect Acoustic Door.

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