American Walnut Hospital Door FD30

American Walnut Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Our American Walnut doors are a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks, the veneer we use in our products has a naturally straight grain due to the cut.Our fire-rated doors are made from three-layer wood particleboard high-performance door conforming to BS EN 312-2 Composition: softwood (Spruce, Pine, Larch) with hardwood (Birch, Chestnut) and sawmill […]

Sapele Hospital Door

Sapele Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Sapele, by nature, is a dark wood. Using the heartwood to create the veneer for our doors offers customers a golden to a dark reddish brown door. A note on Sapele is that the colour tends to darken with age. Our doors are crown cut offering a beautiful straight grain pattern, uncommon for Sapele which is […]

Cherry Hospital Door

Cherry Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Our cherry doors are made from the heartwood of dark cherry, characteristically it is a light pinkish brown when freshly cut.Darkening to a medium reddish brown with time and exposure to light. The grain for our veneered doors, crown cut, is usually straight. Our hollow core doors are made from Vicaima’s Hollow core 44mm. FD30 Door Options: […]

Maple Hospital Door

Maple Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Maple, unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of Maple is most commonly used rather than its darker heartwood. Sapwood colour ranges from nearly white, to a creamy white colour, often with a reddish or golden tinge. The grain structure is generally straight, occasionally with wavy or curly crown structure and has a fine, even texture. Our fire-rated […]

Koto Hospital Door

Koto Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Koto is a Pale yellow timber, taken from the heartwood. It has little colour variation so our steamed veneer offers very standard colouring in a straight, slightly interlocked grain. FD30 Door Options: Large variety of glazed options available. A choice of DDA Compliant Vision panels. Selection of glass types to suit your specification. Machining for […]

Oak Hospital Door

American White Oak Hospital Door

The oak we use is from the heartwood of the timber, offering a light to medium brown.Commonly found with an olive cast, though there can be a fair amount of variation in the colour, we endeavour to create a like-for-like match. The timber is crown cut as standard creating a straight grain. FD30 Door Options: Large […]

American Walnut Hospital Door

American Walnut Hollow Core Hospital Door Set

Our American Walnut doors are a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Our veneer has a straight grain. Hospital Door Specification Average bulk density 44mm: 540-630kgs/m3 Weight 44mm: Nom 27kgs/m2 LIPPINGS: Concealed 2 edges as standard *See options for cut and relips. Finish the veneered doors, as standard, are lacquered to a high-quality finish. Available in Single, double […]

Beech Hospital Door

Beech Hospital Door

Beech timber is typically a pale cream colour, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Veneered beech tends to be slightly darker colour, as slicing the veneer usually requires the wood to be prepared with steam, the veneered doors we supply are steemed beach giving the wood a more golden tone. Grain is straight, with […]