PAS24 Ash Security Door

PAS24 Ash Security Door

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PAS24 Security Doors


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PAS24 Security Doors


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Our Ash Doors are a popular design, loved for their traditional appearance. The natural warm tone creates an ambience, capturing its periodic characteristics. The veneers we use captures its striking character highlighting a body of golden tones swirled with a touch of pink. The perfect addition to any office or household. Our Ash doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes that can be easily adapted to suit any interior.

Please note, all veneers are natural products and some variation should be expected, although, matching veneers are available. Please contact us for further information. Images used for illustrative purposes only.

Surface Type  Wood Grain Veneer
Door Format  Single Leaf
Door Type  Solid Core
Door Properties  Acoustic & Fire Performance
Door Features  Flush


The Ash PAS 24 Security Door is manufactured using high-quality FSC approved materials. The door leaf is constructed from robust, graduated density particle board, which provides excellent performance qualities and durability.

Our PAS24 Security doors can be used a wide range of applications including security, fire and acoustic specifications.

This PAS24 security door & frameset can withstand a series of measured manual and mechanical tests to withstand an optimistic intruder for a defined period.

Door Set Solution

The Ash PAS 24 Security Door can be applied with applications that require an increased security performance. Our PAS24 Security Doors are suitable for industrial, commercial or residential use

A PAS 24 Certification guarantees that an independent and certified company has monitored its production, which complies to all appropriate certification and performance standards.

Security Performance

PAS 24 (Product Assessment Specification) is an enhanced security standard designed to assess whether a door and frame set can withstand an optimistic intruder for a defined period. PAS24 Doors must endure measured manual and mechanical tests that simulate attacks that are most commonly associated with burglary, including the tool(s) that could be used and the time it would take to notice.

PAS24 Security specifications can be easily recognised from their BM Trada Q Mark Enhanced Security Scheme silver self-adhesive label, which denotes a factory manufactured security-enhanced door set.

Fire & Smoke Performance

Our PAS 24 Security Doors are certified by the Q Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme and will perform 30 minutes for fire and smoke. Fire specifications are easily recognised from their BM TRADA fire door plug system.

Acoustic Performance

Our PAS 24 Security Doors also offer acoustic performance. With a wide range of core variations we can achieve up to 34Db acoustic rating with the correct sealing specification, ask a team member how or explore our seals web sector.

Door Lippings

The door core is lipped with a range of hardwood lipping’s contrasting or sympathetic to the door face finish. Lippings can be supplied either exposed or concealed, providing aesthetic variations to conform to your chosen décor.

Door Frame

The frame can be constructed from softwood for on-site finishing or a choice of hardwoods for a stained or lacquered finish.


Our PAS24 Security Doorsets are purpose-made to the size required (maximum 2402mm x 1047mm).
Sizes are validated by independent testing as providing the performance stated.
For more information, please contact our sales team at

Finishing Options

As with all our doors, customisation can be made to meet project requirements. Doors can be cut and re-lipped to different sizes on request to provide further flexibility and maintain their durability and fire rating.

Our PAS24 Doors are available in a wide range of attractive finishes, including a real wood veneers and a spectrum of laminates and pre-primed for on-site painting.

Glazing Options

Glazing Apertures can be introduced to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for safety and visibility.

Here at E & S W Knowles, we offer an extensive range of glass designs and types focusing on integrity and acoustics to provide the glass specification tailored to your door’s purpose.

Glass Choice Specification

You can find this glass choice specification sheet in the Downloads Sector.

Vision Panel Designs

We offer both stock and bespoke vision panel designs. Below you will find a selection of popular configurations. Please state your design panel number when enquiring.

Please note, we cannot exceed 0.6m2 glass coverage.

Click on the vision panel design to view in greater detail with annotated sizes. (Annotations and designs are shown on 1981 x 838mm stock door size) 


All hardware must conform to the high-security performance standards of PAS24. Ironmongery testing incorporates a rigorous timed manual attack on the hardware and locking mechanism, with tools to attempt forced entry of an intruder.

All our PAS 24 doors are fitted with a high-security multipoint deadlock, along with lever handles and a double euro profile cylinder. Ironmongery such as locks, latches, closers & hinges, are CE marked & compatible with the door leaf’s fire certification.

Factory Fitted Complete Doorsets are pre-hung, and therefore supplied with all Ironmongery fitted.



Within the Specification & Guidelines sector, you can explore a wider range of accreditations and technical data-sheets for all our premium interior doors.

Please find below a selection of datasheets to provide more information about your chosen product.

Click on the specification to download its datasheet

Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet                    (coming soon)
Product Drawing
Product Drawing (coming soon)
Pyrobelite 9EG Glass PDF
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