Walnut Solid Hospital Door

Walnut Solid Hospital Door

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FSC Approved Materials


Sourced from the East Coast of North America, American Walnut is ‘dark hardwood’ that offers a unique and distinctive colour. Our American Black Walnut Hospital doors are a deep chocolate brown, with subtle purple and creamy tones within its presence. The Veneers we use adds character with its natural curvey and crown cut appearance. Our American Walnut doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes that can be adapted to suit any interior.

Surface Type  Wood Grain Veneer
Door Format  Double unequal leaves
Door Type  Solid Core
Door Properties  Acoustic & Fire Performance
Door Features  Flush


The American Walnut Solid Core Hospital Doors are manufactured using high-quality FSC approved materials. The core is constructed from a robust, graduated density particle board providing the doors formation and strength. Solid core doors are denser, heavier, and have excellent insulation and sound-reducing qualities. They can be used for a wide range of applications including fire and acoustic specifications.

Door Lippings

The door core is lipped with a range of hardwood lippings, that are contrasting or sympathetic to the door face finish. Lippings can be supplied either exposed or concealed, providing aesthetic variations to conform to your chosen décor.

Fire Performance

Our Solid Core Doors are available with FD30 (30-minute) FD60 (60-minute), FD90 (90-minute) and FD120 (120-minute) fire resistance.

Fire specifications can be easily recognised from their IFC tamper-evident label and BM TRADA fire door plug system. Our Fire doors are made with fire-resistant timber controlled by ISO approved standards.

Acoustic Performance

Our Solid Core Doors also offer acoustic performance and with a wide range of core variations we can achieve up to 45Db acoustic rating with the correct sealing specification, ask a member of the team how or explore our seals web sector.

Door Frame

The frame can be constructed from MDF, softwood for on-site finishing or a choice of hardwoods for a stained or lacquered finish.

Other Applications

American Walnut Solid Core Hospital Doors can be applicated for use with most aluminium partitioning systems, where the door frame wall thickness is greater than 2mm that requires an aesthetically pleasing visual solution.


American Walnut  Solid Core Hospital Doors are available in stock sizes from 1981 x 762mm x 44mm.

Hospital Door sets are best-matched pairs from stock. The slave leaf is cut down and re-lipped with exposed lippings to the hinge edge.

 1981 x 762  1981 x 838
 2040 x 826  2049 x 926
 2700 x 838  2700 x 926

Finishing Options

As with all our doors, customisation can be made to meet project requirements. Doors can be cut and re-lipped to different sizes on request to give greater flexibility and still maintain their durability and fire rating.

We would recommend that all special sizes are made to order through our bespoke service.

Pairs are available as a best match from stock but we would advise having these made bespoke for better visual match satisfaction, as all veneers are bespoke.

Glazing Options

Glazing Apertures can be introduced to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for safety and visibility.

Here at E & S W Knowles we offer a large range of glass designs and types focusing on integrity and acoustics to provide the glass specification tailored to the purpose of your door.

Glass Choice Specification

Each Glass Choice Specification Sheet can be found in the Downloads Sector.


Vision Panel Designs

We offer both stock and bespoke vision panel designs. Below you will find a selection of popular configurations, please state your design panel number when enquiring.

Please note, vision panel designs can be amended to fit both stock and bespoke sized doors.

Click on the vision panel design to view in greater detail with annotated sizes. (Annotations and designs are shown on 1981 x 838mm stock door size) 


Here at E & S W Knowles, we understand that the finer detail can make a huge impact. We offer a large range of ironmongery including handles, lock, latches, hinges, and closers.

Below you will find a selection of our HOPPE Ironmongery. Please note, other ironmongery sets are available on request.

Kit A – Corridor Door Locking


Kit B- Bathroom Door Locking   


Kit C- Corridor Non-Locking   


Kit D- Deadlocking Door   


Kit E – Office Door Locking


Within the Specification & Guidelines sector, you can explore a wider range of accreditations and technical data-sheets for all our premium interior doors.

Please find below a selection of datasheets to provide more information about your chosen product.

Click on the specification to download its datasheet

Specification Sheet
Specification Sheet
Product Drawing
Product Drawing
Pyrostem 2 Wired Glass
Pyrostem 2 Wired Glass
6.4mm Laminated Glass PDF
6.4mm Laminated Glass
7mm Pyrobelite Glass
7mm Pyrobelite Glass