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Cherry FD90

Product Information

American Red Cherry veneer is crown cut and typically has a warm pinkish to dark red tones running through the wood that ages to a nice reddish brown colour over time and exposure to light. “A” grade cherry wood veneer commonly allows for some defects such as occasional pin knots and small dark resin spots known as gum pockets giving it character. Usually finished with a clear coat that preserves the warmth and beauty of the wood’s natural colour. Our fire-rated doors are made from three-layer wood particleboard high-performance door conforming to BS EN 312-2 Composition: softwood (Spruce, Pine, Larch) with hardwood (Birch, Chestnut) and sawmill Residue/recycled wood fibre.

FD30 Specification:

Average bulk density 44mm: 540-630kgs/m3
Weight 44mm: Nom 27kgs/m2
LIPPINGS: Concealed 2 edges as standard *See options for cut and relips.
Finish the veneered doors, as standard, are lacquered to a high-quality finish.
Available in Single, double and hospital door sets, see options (below) for more details.


FD30 Rated Standard Doors. We hold a range of light-weight 44mm cellular core doors in stock for use with our 50mm partitioning system (system 2000).

They are available in;

as standard in the following finishes. As with all of our doors they can be customised to meet project requirements.These doors can be cut and re-lipped for additional colour selections. This door is standard, giving you the options to include;

Further Specification

Core type: Three layer wood particleboard high performance door core conforming to BS EN 312-2(typep2)
Composition L softwood (Spruce, Pine, Larch) with hardwood (Birch, Chestnut) and sawmill
Residue/recycled wood fibre.

Average bulk density 44mm: 540kg/m3
Weight 44mm: Nom 27kgs/m2 LIPPINGS:
Concealed/exposed near match timber hardwood lipping to all four edges before/after applying face
Finish. Minimum standard finished 8mm square with 2mm aris/radius for double action / Standard
12 x 12mm rebate from 18mm lipping.

For HPL & PVC face finish: Laminate or 2mm PVC /ABS edge applied to timber lipping. DOOR FRAME: Timber hardwood /softwood / MDF to comply with performance and appearance required


The following performance ratings can be met depending on the individual project requirements:

  • Certificated to achieve FD30 (44mm door) and FD60 (54mm door) fire ratings*
  • Fitted with DDA complaint vision panels with laminated glass, in any bespoke size or shape
  • Sound attenuating requirements up to a 46 dB acoustic rating
  • PAS 24: 2016
  • FSC / PEFC

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