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Maple FD90

Product Information

Maple, unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of Maple is most commonly used rather than its darker heartwood. Sapwood colour ranges from nearly white, to a creamy white colour, often with a reddish or golden tinge. The grain structure is generally straight, occasionally with wavy or curly crown structure and has a fine, even texture. Our fire-rated doors are made from three-layer wood particleboard high-performance door conforming to BS EN 312-2 Composition: softwood (Spruce, Pine, Larch) with hardwood (Birch, Chestnut) and sawmill Residue/recycled wood fibre.

FD30 Specification:

  • Average bulk density 44mm: 540-630kgs/m3
  • Weight 44mm: Nom 27kgs/m2
  • LIPPINGS: Concealed 2 edges as standard *See options for cut and relips.
  • Finish the veneered doors, as standard, are lacquered to a high-quality finish.

Available in Single, double and hospital door sets, see options (below) for more details.

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