Protecting UK Homes from Fire Damage

Protecting UK Homes from Fire Damage

Home destroyed due to Fire Damage

Protecting UK Homes from Fire Damage

Each year, Fire and emergency services respond to approximately 30,000 ‘dwelling’ fires, in the UK alone.

Our winters are particularly cold, so there’s a need for keeping homes warm. Whether they’re heated with electric, gas or fueled by timber bundles, risks can be reduced with careful guidance and support.

To help you reduce the chances of easily prevented fires from spreading in your home, we’ve created this short guide for best practices. Keeping your home, possessions and most importantly, your family, safe.

Protecting your home this winter.

Reducing risk around the home.

The most effective way to protect your home is to Install Fire Alarms and smoke detectors around the home. In the instance that there might be a fire, you and your family are alerted. Alarms should be fitted in rooms where fires are most likely to occur. Specifically, in kitchens, where electrical fires can occur.

Smoke and fire alarms should also be installed anywhere that electricals are often left switched on for long periods of time such as; bedrooms and living rooms. It’s advised by the fire services that you check the alarms are working correctly on a monthly basis. Replacing batteries when needed.

Keep your doors closed.

Fire doors work when a door is closed as it reduces airflow to the fire. Starving fires of oxygen, by closing the doors around your home, reduce the chance of it spreading through the home. Understandably, not all homes have fire-doors installed. However, in recent years more people are opting to take additional precautions around their home.

Uncertain whether you need a fire door fitted in your home? We have a FAQ page for popular fire-door questions.

Stay near hazards.

It might sound counter-intuitive to nestle down at home next to the hazards. It literally means, only plugin electricals if you’re in the room with them. Staying near hazards means you can stop fires occurring at the point of ignition, reducing the chance of fire spreading. The same goes with cooking, never leave anything cooking unattended.

Reduce your use of heaters and fires.

Electric heaters can become a large fire-hazard if incorrectly used. Some helpful tips on how to use them correctly; dust is flammable so it’s advised to dust them off after keeping them stored for a long period of time, ensuring they’re are unplugged from the socket after use and cooled down before storing. Most heaters have a required distance from furniture and flammable items so make sure you’re following the guidelines.

Another large cause of fires is from the use of heated blankets. They’re often plugged in, in advance, to heat the bed up before sleeping. They’re often left unattended and, as wires and heating elements are often out of sight, broken wires or frayed edges could mean friction, leading to a potential fire when left unattended.

Most modern heaters are now fitted with an automatic shut off function in the event of them becoming too hot. Try to look out for these when purchasing a new heater for your home.

Know the basics of fire safety to reduce risks in the home.

Keep fire-lighting instruments away and out of reach of children, extinguish all fires completely. Know how to cook with oil, did you know around 7,000 people each year are injured relating to grease fires in the kitchen. Half of all building fires are cooking related. At this time of year, candles can offer comfort and romance but are responsible for 12% of dwelling fires.

At Christmas time we’d advise you pay particular attention to keeping Christmas trees and other decorations that are highly flammable, at least three feet away from heat sources. Such as decorative lights that can get overheated, candles, open or gas fires, portable heaters and radiators.

Fire-safe with E & S W Knowles

Traditional Fire Doors were more at home in commercial settings as they were often created to be fire safe, without caring for the style of the door, but here at E & S W Knowles, we’re changing the perception of manufacturing fire-doors.

Our doors are bespoke, to suit all spaces, homes & businesses. Our manufacturing capabilities thrive in creating bespoke fire-doors for homes and modern business settings as our doors offer more possibilities for style and safety. A bespoke fire door is a unique piece of fire-safety equipment, customised to your style, supporting your family’s safety at home.

Our doors are manufactured to suit your requirements; New and classic Laminates, Stunning grained Veneers, Fire-rated for 30-minutes right through to 2-hour doors.

We can add-in Fire-Safe;

·        Hinges,

·        Levers and Handles,

·        Fire-safe glass

A small fire can quickly spread and cause massive amounts of damage, becoming almost uncontrollable in less than 60 seconds, yet they are easy to prevent. So please, remain vigilant and fire-safe this winter.

Looking for more advice? See the UK Government Fire-Safety in the home campaign.

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