Rebated Skirting Explained

Rebated Skirting Explained

Rebated Skirting in the Household

Rebated Skirting Explained

What is rebated skirting?

Rebated skirting, is a term used for skirting with a rebate cut out.  A section is removed from the back of the skirting board, to create a hidden inlay.

Rebated skirting is used in a range of applications including homes and offices, commonly chosen to hide unsightly cables and electrical fixtures.

Improve Style & Reduce Clutter

Whether you need skirting as a matter of practical necessity, or if you want it to be a statement of your interior design. One reason to buy rebated skirting is to improve your home style and reduce clutter.

Loose cables or wires hanging around the floor, can not only be an eyesore but also a trip hazard. This issue can be easily be resolved with rebate skirting, offering a simple and stylish solution.

For skirting with an 18mm depth we make a 10mm x 20mm cut ( 68mm board height minimum) and with a 25mm depth = 19mm x 20mm cut. Suitable for general wires, cables, and pipes we are also able to custom make to your desired size (subject to size).

Placing an Order on our Knowles Skirting Website

To place an order for your rebated skirting, simply select the skirting profile you would like and choose the rebate tick-box that will appear alongside the size and finish options.

This can be done to MDF SkirtingOak Skirting and all other timber varieties by creating a space that is perfect for housing electric cables or even small pipes. This option is available across all our skirting products for just £2, regardless of your required length and size. 

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team at

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