Sales And Customer Demand Grows At E. & S.W. Knowles

Sales And Customer Demand Grows At E. & S.W. Knowles

Sales And Customer Demand Grows At E. & S.W. Knowles

E. & S.W. Knowles – the Birmingham-based manufacturer of internal doors – is reporting increased sales and customer demand for its fire safety doors.

The company has a history dating back nearly one hundred years, to 1923, and offers fully customisable bespoke joinery to clients across the UK. An extensive range of quality products includes fire doors and non-fire rated doors, acoustic fire doors, hospital doors, and PAS 24 security doors.

It is the firm’s range of fire doors and timber doorsets that has played the biggest part in a recent surge in sales and demand. E. & S.W. Knowles offers a wide range of standard internal fire doors, with bespoke options also available. All of them are fully tested and are third-party accredited under the IFC Certification and BM TRADA ‘Q’ Mark Fire Schemes, with fire protection ratings that range from 30 minutes (FD30) right up to 120 minutes (FD120).

Accompanying timber doorsets are also increasingly popular with clients. These are very effective in terms of fire safety and mean that the buyer receives a compatible door, frame, hardware, seals and glass from one quality and trusted supplier. All doorsets are supplied as a complete package ready for installation and can be fully-machine prepared for hardware, providing a precision fit that maximises performance and simplifies installation.

All fire doors and timber doorsets in the E. & S.W. Knowles range comply with building regulations.

The timber doorsets can be supplied with varying door thickness from 35mm, 44mm, 54mm and 59mm.

Supplied with a solid hardwood or softwood frame these can be integrated with intumescent seals and smoke seals, hinges, latch hardware, and an inbuilt door closer to ensure the door closes automatically after someone has passed through. All fire doors and fire rated doorsets are delivered with an IFC (tamper-evident) label and/or the appropriate BM TRADA fire door plug, which identifies the fire rating and status of the door manufacturer.

“The presence of a well manufactured, correctly installed fire door can literally be the difference between life and death – it gives occupants the vital time that’s necessary to escape from a burning building and reach safety,” explains Steve Horner, Managing Director at E. & S.W. Knowles. “But, of course, a quality door that’s been properly tested is essential if it’s to fulfil its purpose and keep people safe in the event of a blaze. So, companies are understandably looking for a trusted fire door supplier and – thanks to our experience and excellent reputation – an increasing number of customers are looking to us to help with their requirements. Our ability to provide tailored timber doorset solutions is also attractive, as we can provide extensive finishes and bespoke sizes to suit particular specifications and projects.”

This increasing demand for fire doors has been a cornerstone of the firm’s continued growth, which has been achieved despite the challenging trading conditions faced by the whole industry.

“The last couple of years have obviously been tough for us, as they have for everyone in the door industry, but we have all pulled together and gone above and beyond to look after our customers and continue to offer quality products with accredited certification, backed up by excellent customer service,” continues Steve Horner. “It’s this company-wide dedication to quality and service that has seen us continue to prosper even in tough times, so I’m very confident for the future.”


To discover more about fire doors and timber doorsets from E. & S.W. Knowles, you can access an online brochure at

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