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Intumescent strips and acoustic door seal

Fire and Smoke Intumescent Strips protect both the spread of fire and smoke through a building, also being compliant with BS 476: Part 31: 1987 cold smoke seal regulations.Intumescent strips should be used in fire door applications. Available in two types: intumescent only and intumescent with a smoke seal, in a variety of colours.

All intumescent strips have Certifier approval CF543, passed at BS476 part 22 and 31.1, and have NHBC approval. All timber fire doors must be fire stopped with an intumescent strip.


Offering additional safety from smoke and fire.

Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals by Pyroplex Used to block smoke in FD30-FD60 doors.

Smoke kills. It’s deadly.

When it comes to fire safety the first thing that usually comes to mind is protection from heat and flames. Smoke, the silent killer, often gets forgotten…

Don’t forget your fire & smoke seals when purchasing your Fire-Doors.

Acoustic DB

Acoustic Seals offer sound reduction.

The robust internal mechanism allows for parallel actuation, whilst a complete overhaul to the seal profile provides for the most durable seal yet, which is even more resistant to seal delamination.

Reduce sound with acoustic seals and improve your fire & smoke rating with an acoustic seal.

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