The Importance Of Fire Door Regulations

The Importance Of Fire Door Regulations

Importance of Fire Doors

The Importance Of Fire Door Regulations

You will have seen a lot of buzz in the news regarding recent investigations into fire door regulations and safety risks.

During the investigations, rigorous tests were carried out. In which a Vicaima Portaro FD30 door was tested, to illustrate how a properly tested half-hour fire door can exceed the 30 minutes required under current building regulations set by government standard agencies.

We manufacture our bespoke fire-doors using some Vicaima door cores and follow regulations to offer you the best product to reach fire-testing requirements, thus giving you a better product and peace of mind.

We follow strict criteria on each element of creating the door, from the core right through to the glass placed inside the door. In turn, reaching a government certificated standard; NFR, FD30, FD60, and FD120.

Who sets the legislation and how do we follow it?

Technical procedures are carried out to follow legislation produced by the governing bodies of Fire and Saftey in the UK and Europe. By law, many industry bodies and trade associations require products (e.g. fire alarm detector heads) to conform with BSA (British Standards) or a European directive before they can be put out for sale in the UK or EU; meaning members are competing on equal terms.

With strict guidelines and routine checks, E & S W Knowles staff work to precise measurements and practices to ensure each product is to exact specification for fire, smoke and sound regulations. Our doors are regulated by the IFC, a government standard in Europe. These specifications cover Non-Fire Rated Doors right up to our 2-hour fire doors. The use of standards is becoming more and more of a prerequisite to worldwide trade. Offering a great point of sale for high-skilled workers offering quality products. Customers are looking for a BSA approved product and the higher standard and specifications manufacturers have to follow the more of a benefit, and assurance, it provides to the customer.

Standards are important for manufacturers and customers

Standards (BSA) are essential to trade in increasingly competitive markets. Even more so with the possibility of new legislation regarding the UK in the EU. These standards are in place to ensure any business offering products, services to make sure they are cost-effective and time-efficient, commercially viable, credible and safe.

New legislation is leading towards a more standardized method particularly emphasized towards ISO. With technologies changing and improving, making it possible to interact and trade globally instantly. The trend is towards international standardization, particularly through ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Exciting new technologies are making it possible to interact instantaneously and trade globally. To increase the UK’s exporting potential, standards will be on a common ground which works to make manufacturing and exporting easier for both consumer and trade.

We follow this legislation to make our doors fire safe. Following legislation provided to us by the governing body, meaning each door has technical specifications to meet each doors criteria.

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