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Veneer & Laminates

At Knowles, we have a network of laminate, vinyl and paint suppliers. Meaning, we can offer limitless options for your bespoke doors. With such a limitless choice of veneers we have narrowed the choice to our most popular, Including some of our Suppliers, you may recognise them below.

So if you’re looking for something specific please don’t hesitate to ask.

Egger Laminate Options 

Use the Egger Visualiser to display your laminates in your space.

Polyrey Laminate Options

Formica Laminate Options

Please see the below selection of veneer types for your bespoke needs.

Real wood veneer options.

Our Primed doors (also known as ‘paint-grade’ ‘paper-faced’ or paint ready) as standard are, paper faced. Smoothing out any imperfections that may appear in natural timber products.

This finish offers a smooth and paint ready surface to accom0pany any business or homes unique style.

Stained doors are veneer-faced finishes. These can be stained veneers or solid wood doors, regardless of door type, the finish is always quality with our in-house spray shop smoothing and staining the doors.

All finishes and stains are available by request so if you have something specific – don’t hesitate to ask.

A large supplier of our stains are intercoat.

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