Why Macmillan is our chosen charity

Why Macmillan is our chosen charity

Wolfrun Photo of E & S W Team Members

Why Macmillan is our chosen charity

Over the years (95 in fact) we have supported a broad range of charities, to assist in supporting everyone in a difficult situation. Mental Health, Disabilities and diseases.

This year Knowles has focused it’s fundraising on supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. As they give so much back to the many lives that are affected by cancer, including our staff and family and friends of our company over the years.

With our fundraising, this year we’ve completed a muddy ‘Wolf Run’, we have raised over £200 internally and externally, with aims to raise much more for next year! All of our staff pay for the events from their own pockets, meaning 100% of the fundraising goes straight to Macmillan.

Want to support us in our next challenge?

No one should suffer alone, which is why opportunities, like raising money for a good cause, are so important. They bring a team together and focus on an important goal, giving people the same motivations and encouraging your team to support each other for the good of others.

That’s why our growing team of fundraising staff has doubled, for our next team challenge. We’re running 10k in October 2018 for Mencap, supporting those who support and care for those affected by mental disabilities.

But… we’re very excited about our next ‘BIG’ challenge.  ‘The X runner’ in April 6th, is a whopping 78 obstacles over a 10k trail run which includes; water challenges, rings of fire and free-fall drops from 15ft (and so much more..)

We’re putting on brave (and possibly muddy) faces, taking on these challenges across the UK for friends and families who are affected by cancer. See our regular updates here.

E & S W Knowles plan on competing in challenges throughout 2018 and 2019 so any challenge suggestions are warmly welcomed in the comments.

Have family and friends in need of support? Speak to a Macmillan advisor 0808 808 00 00 today.
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